Shall we wrap the gesture API in gtkmm? And GtkLockButton?

There are many new gesture classes in gtk+ 3.13.2. Shall we wrap them in gtkmm? Now or later?
Gtk+'s NEWS file says "The gesture-related APIs are still subject to change."

New classes:

GtkEventController (derived from GObject)
> GtkGesture
>> GtkGestureRotate
>> GtkGestureZoom
>> GtkGestureSingle
>>> GtkGestureLongPress
>>> GtkGestureMultiPress
>>> GtkGestureSwipe
>>> GtkGestureDrag
>>>> GtkGesturePan

There is also the GtkLockButton class from gtk+ 3.2, which is not wrapped yet. It requires GPermission (gio), which is also not wrapped yet. GPermission is an abstract base class. The only subclass I've found is GSimplePermission.

I can wrap some of these classes, but I doubt that I will wrap all of them. Is anyone interested in C++ versions?


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