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On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 8:57 PM, Alan Mazer <alan s mazer jpl nasa gov> wrote:
On 6/5/2014 12:20 AM, Gavin Lambert wrote:
Quoth Abhinav singh:
I am running a gtk application from another program lets call it "main
program". This program is command driven and proceed according to
command given to it. What my problem is when the command which runs my
gtk application is given into "main program" the terminal gets hang up
till the application window is closed then only my "main program" is
able to process further command given to it.

Is there any way to run my gtk application in entire new terminal or
without terminal associated with it so that my "main program" will be
able to process the next command in the list with gtk application
running in parallel?
It sounds like you're asking how to run a GTK app from a shell script
without waiting for it to end.

You do that just like you'd do it for anything else -- you run it as a
background task (usually by adding & at the end of your command line).

Sounds like a place for fork/exec.  Your main app forks then execs the gtk app.  I'm assuming this is running in a *nix environment, although there are similar constructs on Windows.

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Yes, this is running in a nix* environment. Can you please provide me link of tutorial related to fork/exec or some code structure which implement something similar to what you are saying.


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