Re: New functions in gio/gapplication.c

On 24/02/2014 09:54, John Emmas wrote:
I'm not sure if the problem lies with glib or with glibmm but either way, it seems as if the following functions recently got added to 'gio/gapplication.c' :-


Glib builds fine for me (using MSVC). However, after I updated glibmm today and tried to build it, I got these compiler errors from 'gio/giomm/' :-

error C3861: g_application_send_notification: identifier not found error C3861: g_application_withdraw_notification: identifier not found

Apologies, the problem was at my end :-( After updating glib a few days ago I thought I'd rebuilt it but in fact, I hadn't. Having just rebuilt glib, glibmm now also builds successfully. Sorry for the noise....


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