New functions in gio/gapplication.c

Hi guys. I'm not sure if the problem lies with glib or with glibmm but either way, it seems as if the following functions recently got added to 'gio/gapplication.c' :-


Glib builds fine for me (using MSVC). However, after I updated glibmm today and tried to build it, I got these compiler errors from 'gio/giomm/' :-

        error C3861: g_application_send_notification: identifier not found
error C3861: g_application_withdraw_notification: identifier not found

As I mentioned, the errors occur when compiling '' (from giomm) which attempts to wrap the new functions. At first I assumed that a declaration must be missing from a header file somewhere - but then I noticed some other functions, such as 'g_application_unmark_busy' which looks like it got added maybe a year ago. Similarly, that function gets wrapped by glibmm and, likewise, it doesn't seem to get declared in any header file.

So I'm not sure what mechanism is at play here (i.e. why the old functions get found successfully but the newly added ones don't).

I'm guessing there must be something else that needs to get added for the new functions to get found but I can't see anything obvious. Does it make sense to anyone here?


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