Wrapping clutter

I used cluttermm a few years back, and liked the API and integration with Gtkmm. When I went back to it last year, however, there hadn't been any work done on it for a while. Clutter has changed a significant amount since then. I've been trying to rewrap it for a while, and now I'm at the point that I can get a basic stage example and a clutter-embed example to run.

Its more a rewrite than a simple update; initially gmmproc wouldn't run over it because there's been so much API updated. The animation framework has changed, and the API for modifying an actor's appearance is all new as well. That doesn't leave a whole lot of untouched code in the original wrap.

Should I post the patch as one very large patch to bugzilla, or as a series of patches to each file? There's about 50 files modified. The problem with a series of patches is there's a heap of interdependencies that I can't really tease out.


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