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The general rule is: Files that are generated by the build system (autotools, gmmproc, gcc, doxygen, etc.) are never committed to the git repository. If you look at and its subdirectories, you'll find some .cc/.h files. Those files are handwritten. There are no corresponding .ccg/.hg files. Other generated files are also missing in the git repository. E.g. files are stored there. and Makefile are not.

The tarballs at contain many generated files, but that's another thing. They can be used without access to a complete build system. When you build from a tarball, e.g. you need make and a compiler but you don't need gmmproc and doxygen.

There are a few exceptions to the general rule. .defs files and *_docs.xml files are stored in the git repository. They have not been fully integrated into the build system. They are generated by scripts that are not called from a Makefile.


2014-02-19 23:09, Marcin Kolny skrev:
No, there is no need for commiting .cc/.h files for generated classes. Only handcrafted wrappers written in .cc/.h files should be commiting to a repository.

2014-02-19 23:03 GMT+01:00 Juan Rafael García Blanco <juanrgar gmail com>:

When a new class is wrapped, .cc/.h files for that class are generated by gmmproc. When committing such a new wrapper, is it required to also push the new .cc/.h files? Or they are generated and added before each release? Or they get added by any other means?

Thank you.

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