Re: gtkmm and VS2013

On 06/02/2014 22:19, Gavin Lambert wrote:

It’s in general a very bad idea to mix two different CRTs in the same process.  It’s not impossible, and there are times when you can get away with it, but I doubt very much that doing it with a UI framework such as GTKMM is one of those.


Gavin's advice is spot on, Syed.  You should pay great attention to it.  Unless you really understand what you're doing, mixing and matching different CRTs in the same process is an excellent way to build an unreliable app.

Given that the VC10 version of gtkmm will probably rely on other components that were also built with VC10, I'd strongly advise you to pick up a cheap version of VC10, rather than continuing to build with VS2013.

There's a technique you can use to force VS2013 to use an older CRT but it's probably a bit advanced for a beginner.  I'm pretty sure you could obtain VC10 cheap (or free) if you searched hard enough.


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