Re: gtkmm and VS2013

The version of the library built for vs is for vs 2010 so is linked
against the debug versions of the c++ runtime for vs 2010.

Change the configuration to release and verify msvcp100.dll is in the
Windows/System32 folder. If its not download and install the C++
runtime 2010.

That solved the issues for me.

Ian Cant
University of Portsmouth
Ian Cant myport ac uk

On 6 February 2014 21:17, Syed Akbar <syed_akbar gmx net> wrote:
Hello all,

I hope this question is not too stupid. I want to use gtkmm with Visual Studio 2013. After experimenting with a few things my test application finally compiles, but now it complains that msvcp100d.dll is missing. I am not very familiar with Visual Studio and C++ programming, so what is the problem?

Thanks in advance!
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