For whatever reason, my only copy of pkg-config.exe seems to be in a folder called "C:\Program Files\gtkmm\bin". I don't know if that's normally the case - but at least it explains why I'm asking this question here. My problem is that if I attempt to run pkg-config on my system, it will only find ".pc" files if they happen to be in the following folder:-

        C:\Program Files\gtkmm\lib\pkgconfig

but on my system, my ".pc" files are almost all on the drive that I use for building (F:). Yesterday, I discovered an environment variable called PKG_CONFIG_PATH. I needed to experiment a bit - but eventually, the following command seemed to make pkg-config look in the right folder:-

        set PKG_CONFIG_PATH=F:\+GTK-SOURCES\gnu-windows\lib\pkgconfig;

But this morning it's simply stopped working again! Issuing the above command does stop it from looking on my C: drive - but it doesn't find my ".pc" files any more, even though that path is correct (including the '+' sign). I've tried with and without the semicolon on the end. I've tried using forward slashes instead of back slashes and I've also tried enclosing the path in quote marks - but nothing seems to work. Maybe something more is needed, apart from just setting that env var. Is there another step that I need to know about??


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