Re: doxygen crashes

I use Ubuntu 14.10, also with doxygen 1.8.8, and I have not seen any crashes in doxygen. It could be a bug in Fedora. Just to confuse us, Linux distributors make their own decisions as to which patches to include in doxygen and other programs. See e.g. Doxygen 1.8.8 in Fedora is not necessarily identical to doxygen 1.8.8 in Ubuntu. You could download doxygen from doxygen's web site, build that version of doxygen, use it when you build pangomm, and see if it also crashes.


Den 2014-12-15 21:08, Juan R. García Blanco skrev:

I'm building the gtkmm stack using jhbuild. After upgrading to Fedora
21, pangomm, gtkmm, and possibly others do not finish building due to
doxygen crashing. E.g. pangomm:

/bin/sh: line 1: 21594 Done                    ( echo '@INCLUDE ='
reference/Doxyfile && echo 'INPUT
=' ../pango/pangomm/attributes.h ../pango/pangomm/attriter.h ../pango/pangomm/attrlist.h ../pango/pangomm/cairofontmap.h ../pango/pangomm/color.h ../pango/pangomm/context.h ../pango/pangomm/coverage.h ../pango/pangomm/font.h ../pango/pangomm/fontdescription.h ../pango/pangomm/fontface.h ../pango/pangomm/fontfamily.h ../pango/pangomm/fontmap.h ../pango/pangomm/fontmetrics.h ../pango/pangomm/fontset.h ../pango/pangomm/glyph.h ../pango/pangomm/glyphstring.h ../pango/pangomm/item.h ../pango/pangomm/language.h ../pango/pangomm/layout.h ../pango/pangomm/layoutiter.h ../pango/pangomm/layoutline.h ../pango/pangomm/layoutrun.h ../pango/pangomm/rectangle.h ../pango/pangomm/renderer.h ../pango/pangomm/tabarray.h ../pango/pangomm/init.h ../pango/pangomm/types.h ../pango/pangomm.h )
     21595 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) |
MMDOCTOOLDIR="../docs" "/usr/bin/doxygen" -

Has anyone noticed this? Maybe it is just me because this only started
to happen after upgrading to Fedora 21 (doxygen 1.8.8).

Thank you. Regards,

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