multitouch application

Hi all,

I want to write a simple application which is able to act on a multitouch display. But I can not find any 
documentation what I can start with. Is there any demo, any tutorial or any reference where I can find the 
needed steps to build such an application?

The most important thing I think about is to decide on every mouse event which mouse pointer creates an 
event. But actually I have no idea where I can start.

Can someone point me to the classes which I need?

If there is somewhere a minimal example application: Please give me a hint to it!

Yes, any standard action is working on my touch with my gtkmm application. But I can not see any multitouch 
event. A python multitouch is working well, so the basic kernel/x/drivers seems to work well. But I have no 
idea where to start with gtkmm.


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