How do I construct object paths and signatures?

Hi list,

I'm writing some D-Bus code using Glibmm, and I would like to construct object paths and signatures, but I can't figure out how to construct them.

As an example to illustrate my problem, to construct a boolean for sending over D-Bus, I would create a Variant as such:

Glib::Variant<bool> param = Glib::Variant<bool>::create(true);

(or something along those lines).

How would I create signatures and object paths? There doesn't seem to be types corresponding to signatures and object paths. Should I create them using glib C calls and then wrap the results?

It seems to me like it would be convenient to create all types of D-Bus parameters in the same way, so I wonder it it would make sense to create a Signature and ObjectPath type (deriving from glib::ustring probably), in order to easily send these values over D-Bus.

Pointers much appreciated!



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