gtkmm 3.0 windows installer

Hi gtkmm,
    I was looking for a nice cross-platform C++ gui toolkit, and much preferred the look of gtkmm to alternatives. I need to work on MS windows 7 for work-related reasons...also will be targeting MS windows anyway.

    Anyway, on the downloads page the windows installer link doesn't work, FYI. Googling found me a nice version 2.22 64 bit installer that works fine and I can compile the examples from the version 2 tutorial. But I want to use the latest version 3 and not miss out on any features. Can't seem to find a version 3 official installer: there are multiple ones provided by various users, but none of them work easily (either give library error messages or are missing the pkg-config files).

   It would be nice if someone could make a version 3 installer to allow people to easily compile some examples on windows, and link it on the website. I know most of your users are on linux, but it is a cross-platform GUI kit after all, I'm sure it would help a lot of people. Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks,

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