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On Sun, 2014-08-10 at 14:01 +0200, Juan R. Garcia Blanco wrote:

I think that having a tool that translates gi xml files to C++ code
wouldn't allow us to use 'any gobject enabled library' from C++. C++ is
a compiled language, so even if you have installed in your system
typelibs of the libraries you want to use, you still need to generate C
++ code, generate a C++ library and install that library. The story is,
however, much more different for interpreted languages.

I do think that a gi-xml to mm-macros translator would be really useful
to ease wrapping of new libraries/types. Wrapping GObject libraries is
sometimes routine, and having some aid would be great.

Best regards,

I do see valabind, which seems to have the ability to generate C++
binding from vapi . Has anyone worked with this before ?

-- ritz
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