mm-common-prepare, and doxygen.css

mm-common-prepare is included in many files. It copies some files from mm-common. One of those files is doxygen.css, which is used in, typically
With recent versions of doxygen, this is not the recommended way to add your own stylesheet file. It will replace doxygen's own default stylesheet. I've noticed an irritating consequence, at least with doxygen 1.8.6: The level digits in "[detail level 1 2 3 4 5]" in class lists are not clickable. Compressed parts of the lists can't be expanded. There is also a doxygen bug related to this behaviour (or lack of behaviour),

The recommended way to add your own stylesheet is to use HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET in
It would be easy to make this change in one module at a time, save for one restriction: The extra stylesheet cannot be called doxygen.css. That's the name of doxygen's default stylesheet file.

Make a copy of mm-common/util/doxygen.css. Call it doxygen-extra.css.
Let mm-common-prepare copy both doxygen.css and
Change all mm-common files where doxygen.css is mentioned. (I've found 7 files.)
Release mm-common (probably version 0.9.7). Then modules that use doxygen-extra.css can "MM_PREREQ([0.9.7])" in their file.

After those changes in mm-common, in other modules can be modified at any time
Does all this seem reasonable? Have you got a better idea?


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