Re:Re: Crave for a gtkmm3 binary bundle for windows

You mean something like this ?

It couldn't be better, come on release it!

Paste download link in the mail list, we really appreciate you!

在 2014-08-08 12:14:45,"Tejas Hs" <tejashs rocketmail com> 写道:

I have compiled gtkmm 3.6 using TDM GCC for windows if you are interested.

From: 黄羽众 <ihyzi 163 com>
To: gtkmm-list gnome org
Sent: Thursday, 7 August 2014 8:32 PM
Subject: Crave for a gtkmm3 binary bundle for windows

Recently, I am quite enjoy coding in OOP style with gtkmm, and my application works on Linux very well, even some friends using windows ask me for it.

But here comes the problem that I find it quite difficult to complie gtkmm3 applications on windows, even I can't find a binary gtkmm3 windows bundle.

I search in mail list, and find some volunteer just make a GTK3 windows bundle recently.

GTK's developer accept it and post it on official site.

But gtkmm's official site still only have the gtkmm2 bundle.

And it said "We will update this page soon as binary packages for gtkmm 3 become available."

So I am quite look forward for a day that release the gtkmm3's binary packages. I believe many friends need this.

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