Re: ANNOUNCE: glibmm 2.40

On 14/04/2014 09:18, Murray Cumming wrote:

I'll create the branches for you now. It's usually not so important to
people. (You should still be using the tarballs for your builds.)

I appreciate that, Murray.  It's a great help.

Just FYI I've been building directly from git for quite a long time now and apart from some initial teething problems (which are always to be expected) it really works quite well. I maintain an ongoing (master) branch and also a stable branch, which our other devs use. Admittedly the 'auto-generated' stuff was tricky to set up - so not something I'd recommend for everyone - but I've got quite a big library of projects now that I build exactly the same way.

And in each case of course, I've still got the option of reverting to tarballs if anything goes wrong - but (touch wood) I haven't needed to do that yet. We're only at the early stages of building our main app - but all the supporting libraries seem to work flawlessly!

(why do I get the feeling those will be "famous last words"!!)



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