Re: Titles in Gtk::Dialogs

After some investigation, my conclusion is that both window managers and changes in gtk+ are involved in the very different looks of dialog boxes.

Gtk+ 3.11.5 introduced the possibility to attach a GtkHeaderBar to a dialog box. A dialog with a headerbar shall not be further decorated with a titlebar by the window manager. Gtk+ asks the window manager not to add any decoration, but some window managers insist, and add their own titlebar anyway. That's seen in the attachment to

Starting with gtk+ 3.11.8, gtk+ adds its own empty titlebar (a GtkBox) to dialogs without a headerbar, and asks the window manager not to add a titlebar to any dialog boxes. There are still window managers that add a titlebar regardless.

Gtk+ 3.11.9 adds the title to its own titlebar on dialogs without a headerbar. From now on we get either a duplicated title, as seen in the attachment to, or only GtkDialog's own titlebar, as seen in the attachment to

The title is duplicated if the window manager adds its own titlebar, although GtkDialog also adds a titlebar with a title.

If the window manager accepts not to add a titlebar, the result is as in the attachment to msg00001.html. I don't consider it an improvement from earlier versions of gtk+, where only the window manager added a titlebar, but it's obviously a deliberate modification. Gtk+ wants to take the whole responsibility for the look of dialog boxes.


2014-04-04 19:53, mike lear skrev:

Regarding the gtkmm titlebar layout. The window manager that you use
along with any appearance settings (special effects on your desktop) that
you make will have an effect on the resulting appearance of the gtkmm
This is not a gtkmm-bug. simply because the desktop(windowmanager)
dictates the appearance of its windows including the titlebars. 
I have appended a small screenshot of one of my dialog boxes using a
Xfce window manager with a gnome roxterm terminal.  If I switch window
mangers to Gnome then my gtkmm-dialog boxes appear similar to the
ones in the gtkmm-3-9.1 tutorial..

regards Mike
On Thursday, 3 April 2014, 14:21, Kjell Ahlstedt <kjell ahlstedt bredband net> wrote:
When I run your program on my Ubuntu 13.10 system, the look of the
dialog box is very different from the one in the attachment to
The title is written only once, in the titlebar. In my case there's
another irritating difference from previous versions of gtk+/gtkmm:
There's no close button (small button with a cross) in the titlebar.

I found the gtk+ bug report, also complaining
about double titles in dialog boxes.


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