Re: .0 stable versions of glibmm and gtkmm


I've pushed the Gtk::ActionBar example code, after fixing the issues
pointed out by Kjell.

I've written some example code for Gtk::FlowBox; basically rewriting
in C++ the example in gtk-demo. I've added a switch to tune the
"max_children_per_line" property; and I planned to do the same with
other properties. However, I'd like you to review this, as changing
some of these properties will change also the size of the window. If
you prefer, I could stop adding switches and just leave the example
code as it is in gtk-demo. Please find attached the patch to review.

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 2:53 PM, Kjell Ahlstedt
<kjell ahlstedt bredband net> wrote:
The new class Gio::Notification is used in

The Popover example did not compile after './configure
--enable-warnings=fatal' (all warnings treated as errors). I've just fixed
that. I see a similar error in the ActionBar example at
The order of the entries in the constructor's initialization list is not the
same as the order of the data members in the class definition.


2014-04-03 11:09, Murray Cumming skrev:

On Thu, 2014-04-03 at 08:06 +0200, Juan Rafael García Blanco wrote:


When Gtk::FlowBox was finally wrapped, I took an action to write some
example code. Unfortunately, I haven't done that yet. I'll try to
write an example app in the next days; due to next Monday let's say,
would that be acceptable?

That would be wonderful. Thanks.

As for Gtk::ActionBar

Yes, you created one, but I missed it. Could you push it, please?

 and Gtk::Popover,


 I think there's already some
example code in gtkmm-documentation.

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