Problem with CSS style options

Hi all,

I am creating an application in Ubuntu using Gtkmm libraries, and I have a problem with the CSS style properties.

I started the application using Gtkmm 3.0 that at that moment included Gtk 3.2 library.

In the GtkCssProvider reference it says for the style supported property background-repeat:

If not specified, the style doesn't respect the CSS3 specification, since the background will be stretched to fill the area.

That is the behavior I wanted, so I didn't specify this property.

This application is intended to be run in a custom hardware created by another company so I have installed the latest Gtk libraries in order to run the application, but they turned to be the version 3.4. In this version it seems that the previous behavior has changed and now works as follows, if you don't specify background-repeat, by default is applied "repeat". If you specify "no-repeat" then the image is not stretched to fill the area.

CSS3 says that, in order to get the image stretched, you must use the property background-size with a value of 100%, but this property is not supported by Gtk.

Do you know how can I achieve the desired behavior?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Jon Zabala

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