Glib::ustring in mingw


   If I use Glib::ustring in Linux, everything works fine. But when I compile the program under mingw in windows, segv invariably follows any GLib::ustring. Methinks the culprit would be the internal utf-8 conversions which distiguish Glib:ustring from std:string.

   If I try to specify locale with:
   Will abort the program (invalid locale, windows will argue). The only locale that seems to work is "C".

Further information: the program in question is also using glade to build the gtk window framework. Maybe the glade gettext stuff screws things up with Glib::ustring?   Usage of giomm and other functions which rely on Glib:ustring will also lead to segv.

Any ideas or pointers on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Edscott Wilson Garcia
Applied Mathematics and Computing
Mexican Petroleum Institute

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