RE: message popups from worker thread

Quoth Alan Mazer:
What's the best way to approach this?  I'd like image display and
plotting to continue which messages are up, and I especially need a way
to pop up an indefinite number of message dialogs, not from the worker
thread, without the app freezing.

Having the potential to pop up an infinite number of dialog boxes from a
background worker thread is not a particularly user-friendly design
decision, in my opinion.

I would recommend instead dedicating an area of your existing window or
creating a single extra modeless window as a log area and then writing the
message into that.  (If a second error occurs, reuse the existing log window
instead of creating a new one.)  You can still call user attention to it by
changing colours, flashing, or bringing the window to the front, without
using a message box.

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