message popups from worker thread

Hi.  I need some advice because I think I might be missing something simple!

I have an app with a worker thread. The app is doing real-time image display and plotting with data from an attached science instrument.

Occasionally the worker thread will detect an error which the user needs to know about. Previously I had the worker thread creating MessageDialogs for these messages but I realized that I should probably be using a dispatcher instead.

I noticed two things when I switched, first that plotting and image display now stop when there's an error until the dialog is dismissed, and more importantly, that if the user doesn't acknowledge the dialog immediately and another dialog pops up, the entire application freezes. Presumably, overlapped calls to a dispatcher are a big no no (which makes sense).

What's the best way to approach this? I'd like image display and plotting to continue which messages are up, and I especially need a way to pop up an indefinite number of message dialogs, not from the worker thread, without the app freezing.

-- Alan

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