[Gtkmm 3.4.2][CSS] Custom widget style properties

Hello everyone,

For my first email, I wanted to congratulate all contributors Gtk+/Gtk--. You are doing a fantastic job.

I have followed this tutorial https://developer.gnome.org/gtkmm-tutorial/3.4/sec-custom-widgets.html.en to create a new css property (header-location: [top|right|bottom|left]) for my custom RibbonGroup Widget.

However, when i add_class("RibbonGroup") to my widget the styles properties are not applied through the accessor class .myRibbonGroup

Where is my mistake please ?

The implementation :
RibbonGroup::RibbonGroup() : Glib::ObjectBase("RibbonGroup"), Gtk::Bin() {
  GParamSpec *pspec = g_param_spec_enum("header_location" .... );
  gtk_widget_class_install_style_property(GTK_WIDGET_CLASS(G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS(gobj())), pspec);

The CSS file :
* {
    -gtkmm__CustomObject_RibbonGroup-header-location: bottom;/* work */

gtkmm__CustomObject_RibbonGroup {
    -gtkmm__CustomObject_mywidget-header-location: top;/* overwrite previous value*/

.myRibbonGroup {
    -gtkmm__CustomObject_RibbonGroup-header-location: top;/* Work But is not prioritary */
    background-color: red;/* the accesor seem rigth*/

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