Re: Non modal dialog : how?

Thank you for your help.
I have found out where the problem comes from (but no solution yet) : the
point is that I want the modeless dialog to be closed automatically after
running a given operation.
To simulate this behaviour in your code Kjell, I just added a sleep() call
right after the show method (then I delete the dialog after sleeping). In
your function "on_button_modeless_clicked()" :

delete m_MessageDialog_Modeless;
m_MessageDialog_Modeless = 0;

Note that if I do anything else than sleep (any long operation), I have the
same behaviour : the window appears all blank (no widget).

If I just let the sleep line (and do not delete the dialog after), the
dialog appears blank during 4 seconds (sleep time) then the wigets (labels)

My observation is that the dialog does not appear correctly before exiting
the event handler. Correct? Could anyone confirm and explain why?

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