Re: Non modal dialog : how?

I found some modeless (or is it non-modal?) dialogs in the test cases of gtk+,
functions make_message_dialog() and create_message_dialog(), starting at line 3515.

I added a similar test case in C++/gtkmm, starting with the MessageDialog test case in the gtkmm tutorial,
The result is in the attached file. When I run it, it works, and not just the first time the modeless dialog is shown. The only trouble is that I don't know if it's possible to disable the delete button in the title bar of the dialog. When it's pressed the dialog disappears even if ExampleWindow::on_modeless_response() is not connected.

There ought to be an example of a modeless dialog in the gtkmm tutorial.


2013-05-08 12:23, Yannick Barbeaux skrev:
Well, I probably spoke too quickly.
How strange as it can sound, the OneMoment popup displayed correctly only
the first time. Now, I face exactly the same issue as with my
Gtk::MessageDialog : it appears all blank, no label appears, just a small
empty window not decorated.
I am losing hair with this PopUp!
Any further help is very welcome.

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