Re: simple project Gtkmm + Glade

Am 30.09.2012 04:31, schrieb lsd secy biz:
> Hi all.
> Please get me link (or prject) simple project Gtkmm + Glade. 1 button
> and 2 edit box. After down button read edit box1 and write to edit
> box 2.

Do you know the official tutorial?

> I'm doing the first steps in programming Gtkmm. I also wanted to
> know:
> 1. Directory of all functions GtkMM detailing.

You mean the API documentation? Look here:

> 2. Which editor to use for writing large programs Gtkmm in Linux. I
> want to BUY a good editor that will help me to write programs in
> Linux.

I'm not aware of commercial IDEs for Linux but I guess there are some
Eclipse or Netbeans derivatives out there. I personally suggest Eclipse
CDT. You can also try Anjuta. It specializes in GNOME and GTK(mm)
development and offers direct integration of Glade. But for my taste, it
lacks the polish and extensibility of Eclipse.

Florian Philipp

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