simple project Gtkmm + Glade

Hi all.

Please get me link (or prject) simple project Gtkmm + Glade.
1 button and 2 edit box. After down button read edit box1 and write to edit box 2.

I'm doing the first steps in programming Gtkmm. I also wanted to know:

1. Directory of all functions GtkMM detailing.
2. Which editor to use for writing large programs Gtkmm in Linux. I want to BUY a good editor that will help me to write programs in Linux.

At the moment I'm writing a program in Windows and use Visual C 6.0 + (Visual Assist, Tab Control, Version editor, Number string and other addon). I write very large projects that do for 9 years. I need a good programming tool for Linux.

Thank you. Best regards, Dmitry.

Поисковая система + Современный почтовый сервис

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