Re: Gtk::Application with a non-unique gtk appl

On 16/05/2012 20:25, Basile Starynkevitch wrote:
> [...]
> ### question ####
> I don't understand exactly when should I use the Gtk::Application class, 
> and when should I avoid using it and instead use Gtk::Main which is 
> marked as deprecated.
> In particular, my application has no "uniqueness" requirement. I would imagine 
> that some user might want to run a few processes (e.g. a few "instances") of it 
> on the same desktop.
> Should I still use Gtk::Application for an application which could have several
> (unrelated) processes (all running the same ELF executable)? Or is Gtk::Application 
> useless (or even harmful) in that case?

It looks like you can construct Gtk::Application with
flags=Gio::APPLICATION_NON_UNIQUE for a non-unique application.

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Loong Jin

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