Building Gstreamermm from git (buildroot cross-compile)

Hi All,

I've been stuck in getting this to work for the past week. We are trying to build GStreamermm from the Git repository using Buildroot cross-compile.
Any documentation or experience on how to get it to work ?

Here is the status of what I am running into:
- To use the Git repo we needed to include mm-common to generate mm-common-prepare and use it for the autoreconf preparation step. This seems to work fine.
- The script enables maintainer mode, which in effect does not work with cross-compile (also aligns with what's mentioned in the README file).
- When disabling maintainer-mode it starts by building the gstreamer/gstreamermm folder (which fails since the src files have not been generated yet I believe).
- If we disable checking the plugins while maintainer mode is enabled (the step in that doesn't work with cross-compile) we run into the following issue: the tools folder seems to cause issues because they will be built for the target.

Any help would be appreciated. I wasn't sure if this should be sent to the gtkmm list instead but I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone has had experience with this.


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