Re: Canvas for a gtk3mm application

On 05/07/2012 08:45 PM, sylvain mouquet wrote:
> Hi,
> You can show this example :
> Gtkmm 3 uses cairo, it's a 2d graphics library easy to use and very
> powerful (
> Sylvain
> 2012/5/7 g4hx <g4hx gmx de>
>> Hello everyone,
>> I need to write an application that is used to analyze network traffic.
>> To this end, I need a widget to draw a graph and display some relevant
>> data. As the subject suggests, I would prefer something like a canvas: I
>> would like to have some menus attached to the edges and nodes, which pop
>> up when the mouse enters. I would also like to zoom in and pan around. I
>> did not find any canvas class in gtk3mm, so I tried GooCanvas.
>> Unfortunately, the C++ bindings seem to be rudimentary at best, there is
>> also only one page of documentation.
>> For this project I would also like to have as few extra dependencies as
>> possible and any library should ideally be shipped with the popular
>> distributions.
>> I would much appreciate any help with this.
>> g4hx
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 Well, I know about cairo and drawing routines in general. I can achieve
anything I want with a widget overriding the on_draw function, but I
would like to just create and place objects and manipulate them without
having to write *a lot* of code, which I would have to if I were to use
a simple widget. Just think how difficult it would be to correctly treat
mouse events when the mouse enters some irregularly shaped path.


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