Re: api changes on libgda-uimm

On Thu, 2011-09-29 at 22:09 -0300, Renato Merli wrote:
> Hi,
>   Thanks for your reply.
>   Seems like there was big changes on the entry's api... or
> specialized entry's are out of the lib for now.
>   Is the lib "guessing" the GValue datatype by its gtype and then
> treating it to choose the correct entry for the current datatype  ?
> (using gdaui_data_entry_set_value_type, i think )
>   In this case, will remain possible to instantiate specific entry's
> like the ones for date, timestamp, integers, strings, etc ?
>   I am not sure, but i think that there was a auto-complete entry
> based on datamodels in the past, is it part of current gdaui / gdauimm
> api's ? There is/was a masked entry too !?

If it's part of the C API it should be wrapped in libgda-uimm.  If it is
not in the C API, then it wont be in libgda-uimm too.  The one new
widget that I see that is not wrapped is GdauiRtEditor but it should be
included in the upcoming release.

>   It would be nice to have a example code showing the good pratice
> with the new api on entry's.
>   I think that the use of GValue can promote a fast coding approach,
> but it would be nice to be possible to instantiate specific entry's
> for specific datatypes.

In libgda-uimm, it is not necessary to use GValues because there are
template methods such as set_value(), get_value(), set_default_value(),
set_reference_value() and get_reference_value() that make it possible to
use regular data types.

As far as your other questions, sorry I can't quite answer them because
I don't know that much about the underlying C API.  You might have
better luck asking on the libgda list.  I'm reposting your questions on
the list in case someone else knows more.

>    And... i thing its a bit off-topic, but...   what is a datahandler plugin ?
>   Thanks in advice.
>   Renato Merli


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