Re: keyboard events - for documentation


If no one else has time for your contribution to the gtkmm tutorial, I
can have a look at it when I've finished my work with bug 658265
( It may take two or
three weeks. I don't work very fast.


tor 2011-09-22 klockan 03:14 +0100 skrev lecas malecas:
> Hi,
> I've attached two examples I wrote showing how to deal with keyboard
> events, for the gtkmm documentation.
> One is about the setting up some keyboard events, and the other about
> event propagation.
> I also tried to write some text explaining the steps (but can't say
> that its well structured... it would be nice if someone could enhance
> it).
> So if you could look at it and tell your opinion, and hopefully get
> something up for the gtkmm book.
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