ANNOUNCE: gdlmm-3.1.90

gdlmm 3.1.90 is now available for download at:  (368K)
 sha256sum: f859d35c9282c48689cad0e8c0e0667b47345b393c346daa2a56f0ea52359ac0 (451K)
 sha256sum: 5f539e18495071a4e628de99543135f8423b72f60cfd23e5defbfff9d9bff49b

General Information:

gdlmm is the C++ binding for the gdl library.
The GNOME Devtools (gdl) Library package provides a docking system and
several utilities useful to GNOME development tools and GNOME
applications in general.

For more information see the gtkmm home page,  Also,
questions may be asked on the gtkmm list, gtkmm-list gnome org.


3.1.90 (2011-09-07)

	* Fix DockPlaceholder constructor. (Fabien Parent)
	* Add long-name property in DockItem (Fabien Parent)
	* Use tar-ustar instead of tar-pax to ensure OpenBSD
	compatibility (Olav Vitters)
	* Port to gdl-3 (Fabien Parent)
	* Example rewritten (Fabien Parent)
	* Add DockItem::get_grip method (Fabien Parent)
	* Add DockItem::notify_selected method (Fabien Parent)
	* Add Dock::xor_rect_hide method (Fabien Parent)
	* Silent compilation (Fabien Parent)
	* Add DockItemGrip class (Fabien Parent)
	* Remove Dock::xor_rect (Fabien Parent)
	* In many place, use Gtkmm/Gdlmm object instead
	of the C one (Fabien Parent)
	* Usage of vector as returned container for Gdl::Dock::get_named_items
	and Gdl::DockLayout::get_layouts (Fabien Parent)



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