Encrypted Glib::ustring(s)

Hi guys,

In the past, I already wrote you about this subjet... but it's not
really solved at all.

The question is that sometimes, when I try to send encrypted messages
throw socket connections using the low-level gio socket objects, the
received messages are broken, uncomplete.

I wonder if it's due to any specifical bit sequence... but, I haven't
enough knowledge to test and find the ultimate solution.

So, with respect and very consideration of your work, I'd like to
propose for the community to implement the following...


Glib::ustring::encrypt (ENCRYPT_METHOD method, Glib::ustring passphrase);
Glib::ustring::decrypt (ENCRYPT_METHOD method, Glib::ustring passphrase);

gsize Gio::Socket->send (Glib::ustring);
Glib::ustring Gio::Socket->receive(gsize size);

What do you think about it? Is it possible ?

In my opinion, if so, it may be useful to secure communication channels...

Thanks in advance,


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