I know this is a little random in the wake of gtkmm 3, but it's rather bad that Gio::Error::Code is an enum and that Gio::Errors are not typed. This goes against established C++ design principles. It is not possible to catch an Gio exception by type, but you need to resort to a switch statement or simple ifs.

I know that most likely this is something that isn't going to change, seeing as it hasn't been modified for gtkmm 3, but I still propose that at least a wrapper i.e. Gio::TypedError is introduced, which handles the error code internally and basically re-throws a typed exception.

Please note that according to the German law on data retention,
information on every electronic information exchange with me is
retained for a period of six months.
[Bitte beachten Sie, dass dem Gesetz zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung zufolge
jeder elektronische Kontakt mit mir sechs Monate lang gespeichert wird.]

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