desire to package for fedora -- need upstream's help!


I use clutter-gtkmm for a personal project of mine. When upgrading to f15, I now experience the bug that I believe to be fixed by the following git commit:

indeed it seems the latest in the fedora repositories is the latest 'stable' release of clutter-gtkmm:

Using fedora's bugzilla I found the already filed bug, and added my comments:

but no fixed version has been seen!

After discussion with 'rishi' in #c++ on I discovered that it is rishi's intention to abandon packaging clutter-gtkmm for fedora, and in order to get the bug fixed properly, I would need to take up the job of packaging this myself.

I am still in the process of becoming a packager, so in the meantime I did I git pull of the latest sources from the above git repository,

and I configured with something like sh --includedir=/usr/include and --libdir-/usr/lib64
yet it still chose to install some header files to /usr/local/include

nevertheless sans the following warnings from the compiler everything works wonderfully for me with the version from git:

Anyways, I would try and generate an rpm for the 'fixed' version if you developers would be willing to make a release from what is in git.


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