GLib critical message

I have a class defined like this:

class studio::ValueBase_Entry : public Gtk::EventBox, public Gtk::CellEditable

I also have a class defined like this:

class CellRenderer_ValueBase : public Gtk::CellRendererText

This last one returns a pointer of the first one from its reimplementation of the virtual start_editing_vfunc member.
When I first run the application, and I click on a cell to start editing it, it always shows me this message:

(synfigstudio:4735): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Object class gtkmm__CustomObject_N6studio15ValueBase_EntryE doesn't implement property 'editing-canceled' from interface 'GtkCellEditable'

After that the message doesn't appear unless I close and open the application again and start editing a cell.

So I went to Gtk::CellEditable and looked for the 'editing-canceled' property and I didn't found it.
I looked into GtkCellEditable and I found it:

I don't have any GtkCellEditable implementation in my code. What's happening here?


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