Fwd: Re: Gstreamermm: How to get Gst::TagList without opening the stream?

On 20/06/11 05:53, Phong Cao wrote:

> Thank you for your help, Jose! For now I am still fine with
> Gst::PLAY_PAUSED. I will just wait for the next release then... Thank you!
> 2011/6/20 José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque cox net
> <mailto:jaalburquerque cox net>>
>     On Sun, 2011-06-19 at 22:06 -0400, Phong Cao wrote:
>     > Hi guys,
>     >
>     >
>     > I just wonder if there is any kind of objects or methods in
>     > GStreamermm that are similar to GstDiscoverer so that I can get the
>     > Gst::TagList of a stream without opening it? I know that I can just
>     > open the stream and then set its state to Gst::PLAY_PAUSED and read
>     > the TagList from there, but I just afraid that it would make my
>     > application pretty slow (if I have to import like 1000 songs into my
>     > music manager software).
>     We haven't been working on wrapping that part of the API because we
>     weren't aware that anyone would need to use it.  Also, it is
>     fairly new
>     API.  However, we'll try to include it in the upcoming release of
>     gstremaermm which should happen some time next month.
>     >
>     >
>     > I really wonder how the Rhythmbox & Banshee team did it? How did
>     they
>     > make their softwares get the GstTagList without opening the stream?
>     >
>     I can't say for sure.  You might try asking on their mailing lists or
>     browsing their source code:
>     http://git.gnome.org/browse/rhythmbox/tree/
>     http://git.gnome.org/browse/banshee/tree/

Hi Phong,

The way you would do it in C is to use GstDiscoverer, however I am not sure
if this has been implemented as Jose said. Maybe you could just use
plain C in this instance.

Hope this helps.


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