Re: extra alive window while dialog is running?

Aren't window groups only hints for the window manager ?

If you create two toplevel windows and then a dialog which is transient for one of the two toplevels, provided that the dialog is not modal, it should not prevent you from acting on the other toplevel window…


On 12/06/11 21:27, Mikhail Titov wrote:
Hi all!

I’d like to have an extra window derived from Gtk::Window to be alive while I’m running some dialog. I tried to create new Gtk::WindowGroup and add my window to it prior to running the dialog, however it looks like I can’t move/resize that window.

Is there an extra step to make it work? Or can I somehow pump event loop or something for that window within my dialog? Here is the snippet

void MainWindow::OnCursorSettings() {
	ghost = new GhostWindow();
//	Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::WindowGroup>  g = get_group();
	Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::WindowGroup>  g = Gtk::WindowGroup::create();
	Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::WindowGroup>  g2 = Gtk::WindowGroup::create();
//	ghost->set_transient_for(*this);
	int res =;

P.S. I'm on win32 running gtkmm 3.0.1 built on top of GTK+ 3.1.4 (from GIT).


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