Re: Visual Studio 2010 and /vd2 switch

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 23:13 -0700, Ray Satiro wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm debugging a project in Visual Studio 2010 that depends on gtkmm. The default 
> project settings were to use the /vd2 switch. Unfortunately due to a compiler 
> bug the standard library does not operate correctly when using that switch. 
> Microsoft has fixed this issue in VC11 but cannot fix it in Visual Studio 2010. 
> The bug report is here:
> Crash in C++ runtime when compiling with /MDd and /vd2 switch | Microsoft 
> Connect
> A bugzilla post from 2005 says that the /vd2 switch is required and so does the 
> gtkmm on windows page:
> Indeed I have the same result as Murray Cumming did when I run msvctest in 
> VS2010.
> Is it necessary any longer to use the /vd2 switch with gtkmm in Visual Studio 
> 2010?

You just said that you have the same result when you try it, so I guess
you found that out yourself. Sorry, that I can't give more clues.

>  With the switch present I cannot debug. The first stream destructor will 
> cause an access violation. Without it everything appears to be working ok (gtkmm 
> 2.22) , but I wonder if I'm living on the edge here. Is anyone using Visual 
> Studio with gtkmm? Do you use /vd2? Any details about how your development 
> environment is set (Version of VS and gtkmm, other compiler switches, .. ) would 
> be helpful.
> Please CC me on any reply. Thanks
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