Visual Studio 2010 and /vd2 switch


I'm debugging a project in Visual Studio 2010 that depends on gtkmm. The default 
project settings were to use the /vd2 switch. Unfortunately due to a compiler 
bug the standard library does not operate correctly when using that switch. 
Microsoft has fixed this issue in VC11 but cannot fix it in Visual Studio 2010. 
The bug report is here:

Crash in C++ runtime when compiling with /MDd and /vd2 switch | Microsoft 

A bugzilla post from 2005 says that the /vd2 switch is required and so does the 
gtkmm on windows page:
Indeed I have the same result as Murray Cumming did when I run msvctest in 

Is it necessary any longer to use the /vd2 switch with gtkmm in Visual Studio 
2010? With the switch present I cannot debug. The first stream destructor will 
cause an access violation. Without it everything appears to be working ok (gtkmm 
2.22) , but I wonder if I'm living on the edge here. Is anyone using Visual 
Studio with gtkmm? Do you use /vd2? Any details about how your development 
environment is set (Version of VS and gtkmm, other compiler switches, .. ) would 
be helpful.

Please CC me on any reply. Thanks

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