Re: Distribuition Problem with gtkmm 2.22 - Themes are not loading.

I've lost a few hours around this problem, double checking the listed
files getting them one by one etc. . And I sent the first email when
I've lost faith of finding the solution by my self.
I FOUND the solution 30secons after hitting send email :-P .

Well the problem is at the provided list  :

where it says:

 *"etc\gtkrc*: Contains the GTK+ theme to use (the "MS-Windows" theme)." 

should be :

*etc\gtk-2.0**\gtkrc*: Contains the GTK+ theme to use (the "MS-Windows"

And voilá it worked

Filipe Apostolo wrote:
> Hi to everyone,
> I've created an gtkmm c++ application for Windows OS with VisualStudio
> 2008 ide. And now I want do distribute it, but the gtkmm themes are not
> loading.
> I've copied the files and directories listed at
> But this is my
> first time I'm distributing an app with gtkmm 2.22 and I never had this
> type of problem with 2.16.
> It's just the themes that are not loading, all the app runs well, it
> loads an jpeg image without problems. Just the buttons, tree-views etc..
> are very ugly as well the text fonts and color .
> Did anybody had the same problem, can it be a 2.22 bug? or am I missing
> something?
> Thanks,
> Apóstolo

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