Distribuition Problem with gtkmm 2.22 - Themes are not loading.

Hi to everyone,

I've created an gtkmm c++ application for Windows OS with VisualStudio
2008 ide. And now I want do distribute it, but the gtkmm themes are not

I've copied the files and directories listed at
http://live.gnome.org/gtkmm/MSWindows#Redistributing. But this is my
first time I'm distributing an app with gtkmm 2.22 and I never had this
type of problem with 2.16.

It's just the themes that are not loading, all the app runs well, it
loads an jpeg image without problems. Just the buttons, tree-views etc..
are very ugly as well the text fonts and color .

Did anybody had the same problem, can it be a 2.22 bug? or am I missing


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