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On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 11:46 +0100, Yann LEYDIER wrote: 
> > Can't the boost smartpointers just be copied right out of boost and used
> > as just headers? I'd rather see some clear instructions about how to do
> > that in a project, rather than attempting to reinvent that wheel.
> Boost's specific license is similar to LGPL but I don't know if they are 
> considered to be compatible.

They are compatible:

BSL isn't really very similar to the LGPL -- it's much less restrictive.
It's not copyleft, for example. It's more similar to 2-clause BSD, but
even more permissive (no clause 2).

> Boost's smart pointers can also be found (with little differences) in 
> GCC's TR1 under GPL 3.

libstdc++ is licensed under GPL3 with *additional* exceptions, which are
very permissive. It can be used freely with non-GPL/closed code. 


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