Permision Denaied with Gio::File::copy()

Hi every one,

I'm tring to  build a Gtkmm Application for a windows Xp OS which will
allow, to the user, install some selected files to a specific directory.

The user selects a File using Gtk::FileChooserDialog, then the
application will copy it to a specific directory which the application
searches in WindowsRegistry.

If the directory does not exists the application will create it:

----- Code---
        Glib::RefPtr<Gio::File> fromFile =
Gio::File::create_for_path(fileDialog.get_filename ());
        Glib::RefPtr<Gio::File> toDirectory =
        Glib::RefPtr<Gio::File> toFile =
Gio::File::create_for_path(licenceFilePath + nameOfFile);

        if (!toDirectory->query_exists ())
            toDirectory->make_directory ();


    catch(const Glib::Exception& ex)
        std::cout << "Exception ocurred: " << ex.what() << std::endl;

The code fails catching the following exception : Permision Denied;

I went to the directory And the Read-Only check box was cheked. I
unchecked and tryied again and the file was successfuly copied.

1- How can i force to copy the file with the Red-Only option?
2- How can I create the directory without the Read-Only Active (The
folder created with make_dir has the Read-Only active)
3- I sow that All folders in windows have this flag active, this means
that if question 1 has no solution I cant create files?


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