Re: Move from {Array,List,Slist}Handle to std::vector.

On Sun, 2011-01-23 at 22:53 +0100, Krzesimir Nowak wrote:
> > Are we going to break API of pangomm too? There are some methods
> using
> > the Handle stuff.
> > 
> Ok, so I have today managed to adapt glibmm (with giomm too),

There is no plan to break glibmm (or giomm) ABI at the moment. I could
reconsider if we have large API improvements to make, though it is
rather late in the GNOME release schedule. Are the changes major?

>  atkmm,
> pangomm

Likewise, I don't plan to break their ABI either. It's hard enough to
get gtkmm-3.0 packages into distros. Depending on other new packages
would make it even harder. That doesn't seem worth it if there is no
serious improvement in the API.

>  and gtkmm (with gdkmm too) to new vector utils. All seems to
> compile nicely (make check passes too!). There is a branch called
> `vector' in all mentioned projects.

Excellent. Then we can use them when we are ready. There are hints of a
GTK+ 4 fairly soon, so it might happen.

>  Some other bindings will need to be
> ported to use the vector utils (gtksourceviewmm, goocanvasmm, other?).

goocanvasmm has an unstable API, so feel free to commit changes there.
gtksourceviewmm is also not yet API stable, so that should be fine too.

> Murray, if you think it is ok to merge those branches to master, then
> give me a hint - I'll prepare some ChangeLog entries for projects. 

I'd like to review a single big patch for gtkmm, please, in bugzilla.

Many thanks.

murrayc murrayc com

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