Re: No yet encrypted...

El 5 de desembre de 2011 12:09, Glus Xof <gtglus gmail com> ha escrit:
> El 5 de desembre de 2011 11:09, Juan Angel Moreno <jamf gm gmail com> ha escrit:
>> Have you tried with this?: Glib::ustring s_mess = make_messages (message,
>> message.bytes());
>> I think that the byte size of "Hello..." in UTF-8 is 8, but the size in
>> bytes of "Привет..." is not 9.
> ... The second parameter of make_messages takes the length of the
> first part of send message...
> For example:

make_messages ("hello", 3) produces "005hello", and make_messages
("hello...", 1), "8hello...",


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