Re: intercepting key release in an entry

Yep thanks ! That did it ! :)

And also, one might not want to use the GDK_KP_Space macro: it does not contain the value for the space character!

On 26/08/11 10:11, Krzesimir Nowak wrote:
2011/8/26 Yann Leydier<yann leydier info>:

I have a set of entries and I want the following behaviour: when the user
types<space>, the focus passes to the next entry, when the user types
<shift-space>  a regular space is inserted in the entry.

As the insert_text event does not allow to check key modifiers, I tried to
connect to the key_release_event (I added it to the event mask) with
after=false and returning true when<space>  is pressed to prevent the signal
from being dispatched any further, but the space is still inserted in the

Is there any way to do this?

Maybe handling key release event is just too late - try handling key
press event.

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