Re: Selection color in TreeView

C++ methods for changing color:

Gtk::Widget::modify_fg(), modify_text(), modify_bg(), modify_base().

Gtk::Widget::override_color(), override_background_color().

See also bug 551912
It's more complicated than you would think to find the correct way to
change the color of a widget.

I'm not sure exactly how to change color in a TreeView. Perhaps it's not
possible to change it just by calling e.g.
Gtk::TreeView::override_color(). I guess that each cell contains its own
widget, whose color must be changed.

lör 2011-08-13 klockan 00:05 -0700 skrev MatrixXXX:
> Hi,
> How Can I change selection color in TreeView?
> I want to do it in C++ code, not in file where style is saved.

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